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"Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves" ~Albert

Sunday, April 13, 2014

New blog

I have moved on to bigger and better things.. meaning a new blog. you can find it at kisforkailey.blogspot.com or click here! thank you and have a nice day(:

Sunday, April 7, 2013


So I know that I literally haven't blogged for over a year but school is coming to an end which means tat summer is going to start and I am doing some pretty exciting stuff! So I'm going to try to start blogging more(: My most recent exciting event that most people already know is my acceptance to the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World in Florida as a Character Performer!I kind of wanted to talk about the process of applying and auditioning and all that stuff just for those that are curious or are interesting in applying themselves. 

So if you go to disneycollegeprogram.com and hit the apply button up to the right then you can get the process started. First you fill out an application and then if they like you then send you an email telling you to do the web based interview. I'm pretty sure they let everyone do the web based interview unless you're like an Ex con murderer or something. The web based interview is just a bunch of questions. They say to tell the truth but you know everyone picks the answer that they think we sound the best. So If that interview goes good you get another email telling you to schedule a phone interview.

The phone interview is a little nerve racking. My advice would to go to a place away from everyone that is quiet about 15 minutes before they call you. They call you and it is a blocked number so don't ignore it! Also, tell people that tend to call and text you a lot to back off for that half hour just so you are uninterrupted. The best advice I can give you is to smile. They can hear your smile even though they can't see you. They want happy people... obviously. Also, don't be afraid to ask questions. I don't know if they always ask the same things but they asked me about my work experience and my personality and what my top 3 choices for positions would be. They also asked me to tell about a time when I was in a tough situation at work. I don't actually know if I did good on the phone interview though because I got in through auditioning. 

I would suggest to go to auditions even if you think you can't dance or you think you don't look like any of the characters because I felt that way and I still made it! I don't actually find out my character until I got there in August but that's fine. This is what you do at auditions. You get a number, they measure you, teach you a short dance you do infront of judges, (if they liked you) you fill out an audition form, they teach you a harder dance you do in front of judges, (if you might look like a character) they keep you and take pictures of your face, then you go home! My advice would to be friendly with the other people there, smile even if you mess up your dance, wear comfy clothes, and be really animated. That's the other thing! Before the dances you have a certain amount of counts that you are "animated". They give you a senario like planting a tree and you have to act it out. eat before you go and bring water and maybe even a few snacks with you be cause you sit and wait a lot of the time. And JUST HAVE FUN! Even if you don't get in you will be grateful for the experience.

After all that you wait and wait and wait and finally you get that heavenly email that says congratulations!!! It's so exciting.. i might have cried. I am so excited! Anyways... I'll keep you updated on that and the other things in my oh so exciting life! 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Shoes are my friends!

Every shoe has a story.  They have all been to different places, in different weather conditions, with different people, and in different situations. Some have been on hikes while others have had to sit through class. Some jump of the stratosphere with me and others go to work. Every shoe is different.... Just like our friends. You have your western friends. They're adventurous and fun to be with.

You have your sporty friends. They're busy all the time but when you are with them you do something active and for me I love my sporty friends but I don't want them to expect me to do things like hiking or play sports except for the occasional hoop dunking. 

Then there's your unique friends. They are the ones you want to be with during spirit week. They dress up and are not afraid to be their real selves. They come in all shapes and sizes and always make you feel happier. They are always there for you and for some reason seem to stick around no matter what happens. 

Then there are your chill friends. They're casual, they're cool, and you always want them around. These are your slippers, flip flops, and slip ons. Your everyday friends that you can be the most comfortable with. It's okay to just sit down and relax without the need to entertain them every 2 seconds. In this group of friends is where you usually find your bestfriend. The one you hold close and don't want to lose. While looking through my friends (shoes) I was surprised to realize that my moccasins are my bestfriend. I feel like I can wear them with any everyday outfit. They're comfortable, easy to put on, and special to me because they were a gift from my sister, Melissa. I love them!!

Sadly, we have our broken friends. The one that you loved to be with and were with all the time but then they get a hole in them. They do some stupid thing to ruin the friendship. Or maybe you did the stupid thing. But either way the friendship is broken. And you think that you can fix them or hang out with them again but then it rains and your socks get wet and you realize that it's time to throw them out no madder how sad it is. 

Then there are your fancy friends. The beautiful ones that you may be a little bit jealous of but hang out with because you want to soak up their good looks and sense of style. You don't hang out with them all the time but maybe you go to a party with them or see them in church. They always look good and sometimes are sweet. But there are the biotchy ones that are pretty but hurt like H- E- double hockey sticks but you keep them around because they make you look good.

Last but not least there are your everyday run in the mill acquaintances that you see from time to time and you love but you really only hang out with when you need to or your bored. "just when you feel like it" friends. They're just average ones. 

To sum it up, we love some, and we kinda like some, and there are the ones that we don't like so much anymore but either way you always have some friends around. For me, I have 41 "friends" and I plan to keep that collection going(:

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Celebratory situations!!

We are slackin on the celebrations in this household so we had one tiny dinner gathering for the people that needed to be celebrated around here. So Maddy and Quinnard came over the other day and Mike and Teresa came down for some grub. And by grub I mean HUGE burgers made by my pops that were bigger and thicker than the buns themselves. And they were so juicy that the buns got all soggy and i ran down to our elbows anyways so there was no point in even trying. Anywho... who and what were we celebrating you ask? Well I have the answer to that lovely question! Maddy, being the most talented human ever, got first place in the STATE drama competition! That's right!!! number one! Numero Uno!! the big first place out of the whole state of Utah!! And believe me... Utards are talented so it's pretty impressive of her to get first place with her partner (Tanner Forbes who didn't come to the dinner and maybe wasn't invited by accident) So that was exciting. Also, Quinton got employee of the moth at work. Now this wasn't any ordinary run in the mill (I never got that expression) employee of the month because, in fact, he has been top in his sells in his department for every month in the year of 2012. I'm so proud!! He also got full time in his job at Best Buy which isn't easy... he had to apply for it and be interviewed and everything! So all that was exciting... and not to brag (because it's not that great) but last quarter I had straight A's!! Actually, this whole year I've gotten straight A's if you don't include that B+. That's a first for me!! I am also a published author!!! Yeah I wrote a huge novel and it's number one in the market of books.... I wonder how many of you actually believe that. HA! No i wrote a requiem for pencils in creative writing and my teacher put it in the school newspaper. It's actually pretty cool if you ask me. So yeah that's what we celebrated. And also, we should have focused on Lisa getting an article written about her in the actual newspaper about PCOS. For those of you who didn't know, Lisa is a specialist in that field so that's pretty awesome too! If you want to see Maddy and Tanner's scene from the competition click here. Anyways... To explain that picture of me stretching on the ground If you're full you have to stretch to make more room for dessert.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday!!!

So if you didn't know... I had a birthday yesterday. My 18th birthday to be exact and it was a very lovely day(: I had to go to school and that sucked except everyone wished me happy birthday and my seminary class sang to me(: Then in 4th period Maddy gave me the first part of my gift from her. It was a thing of oreos with 2 packs of hubba bubba with a very nice poem on it(: The second part of her gift that i got after school was a tee that said "My F.R.I.E.N.D.S are my (picture of a lobster) which is a joke from friends that I'm to lazy to explain. But here is a picture..
Then after school Quinn and I got taco bell because i love it and because it's a tradition in my family that we all celebrate together even though we are apart by going out and getting jamba or sonic or taco bell or wherever and take pictures then send them to everyone!
Than Quinn and I went up to Dixie rock just hang out and when we got in the car he gave me my first present which were these really cute shoes I wanted. Then at home he gave me a 3DS game where you get your own puppy or cat and take care of it because I couldn't get my own real puppy. I thought he got it for me to play on his 3DS but it turns out he got me my own! with Mario Kart(: I was mad he spent so much money but excited... It was a lot of mixed emotions. Anyways.. then his mom gave me these really cute boots that I absolutely LOVE!

Later that night, Quinn, Maddy, my aunt and uncle, dad, and Lisa were here for my birthday dinner where my dad make this Italian spaghetti stuff, fudge brule, and we had chips from Chile's with salad. Here is where I got a new camera and Hollister gift card from dad and Lisa. I got $10 from Lisa's mom and some money for my aunt and uncle. It was a good old time!! After dinner my BESTFRIEND, Brecken, ordered me a delicious pizza from Hungry Howie's(: And that was my wonderfull birthday!!! But it's not over yet because tomorrow i leave for Arizona to continue the fun with my mom and sisters(: here's a picture of me and my pictures and it looks like my skirt is really short but i was really just trying to show my shoes and it came up a bit. and you can't tell but I'm wearing shorts under them(: haha

My Pizza with heart shaped peperoni(:

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Road Trip!!!

Our road trip to Arizona to see my mom, Christie, Kimmie, Melissa, Rhyll, Nephi, Esther, Lucy, Lydia, Daniel and Chris was sooo much fun!!! We may have gone the wrong way and added 90 extra miles to our trip on the way there but it was still fun. We only have one picture of Jake because he refused to take any. We were almost out of gas and there was a gas station in the middle of nowhere that said LAST STOP really big so we stopped and gas was like $4.40 there but we needed it so we got some anyways. Then like a mile down the road there was a station that was like a dollar cheaper! we were pissed!! But we got a funny picture at the last stop station of me getting abducted and Quinn being an alien(:
When we got there we just hung out with the family and what not then went to bed. The next day we went to the Scottsdale mall and it was HUGE!!! Quinn bought me the cutest jacket ever and some super cute shoes(: And my mom bought me some other super cute shoes!!! I love them both!! There was also an entertaining moment when the power band guy tried to convince Melissa that the bands work and she was super stubborn! It was way funny to see this guy who was so passionate about these bands trying to convince this girl who would not give in NM-Dub! and the drink dispensers in 5 Guys was amazing! I can't even explain. Anyways then we went home and just relaxed until we ate the delicious dinner my mom made and then had a game night with the family. It started with pounce and moved onto the name game. I have to give props to Quinn for his Peter Pan and Michelle Obama and i need to make fun of Jake for saying "first lady" on the one word round and saying "Winfrey" on the acting out round. And i have to give Quinn a shout out for answering all my mom's questions about me right and for taking the time to look for my CTR ring i lost(: Anyways.... then we went and saw Melissa's cute little house and then watched Hot Rod. But i fell asleep in the beginning . Then we woke up the next morning and after the sad goodbye we started out trip home. It was fun and a lot shorter than our trip there!! Then we got home and returned back to our normal lives once again.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween weekend(:

My Halloween start on Friday when me and Maddy went to get our costumes. I wanted to be an Indian because of these really cute shoes but then they were more expensive than the costume so i just went bare foot. and Maddy decided to be a Mexican(: We went to a party where we got really bored and ended up going to Walmart....
This is me, Travis, Kaden, Maddy, and Ashley on our way to Walmart.
Then after Walmart we went back to the party and watched a scary movie. Then on Saturday Me and Quinn went to Brandon Jame and Marlee's party as a cowboy and Indian. Their decorations were so cool!! Then we came back to my house and watched a movie(:
Then on Monday we all went trick or treating and got like 3 pieces of candy then went back to my house and watched a movie(: we seem to watch movies a lot.....
And then Tuesday came and i was just a regular person again instead of an awesome Indian!!!